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The professionals at Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing Systems know exactly on what to do with the moisture in your crawl space, and we want you to be just as educated!

Identifying Moisture in Your Crawl Space

Believe it or not, some homeowners are unaware that they even have a Crawl Space! After all, the under dwellings of a house aren’t usually the most scenic selling points when a realtor is trying to sell you a home. Crawl Spaces are designed for homes that are built without a basement, or with some kind of solid foundation like a concrete slab. The original purpose of this small, elevated space was to provide an access point underneath the home for pipes and wiring, in case your home were to need: plumbing repairs, HVAC repairs, electrical repairs, or gas pipe service, to name a few. In short, Crawl Spaces are intended for function, not fashion. It is understandable for homeowners to not pay much attention to the space under their homes, especially if they have professionals handling all their repair and installation needs.

What Crawl Spaces are intended to be vs. what they actually become are quite often two very different things. What was intended to be dry and functional can often turn into a wet, dark, and dank rotting pit of insects, mold, mud and disease. Studies prove that at the root of all problems that can arise inside your crawl space is caused by one primary culprit: Water. The same water that normally brings so much life can also bring deterioration and disease. If your crawl space is neglected, and stagnant water or moisture remains underneath your home, you risk suffering from untold health and safety issues inside the house. From the air that you breathe, to the potential of disease-ridden varmints, to the eventual erosion of your home’s foundation, a neglected Crawl Space can and will be a problem.

In regards to what to do with moisture or stagnant water inside your home’s crawl space, we’ll take a very practical, simplified approach to the issue.

What Should You Do with Moisture in the Crawl Space?

Identifying the moisture in your crawl space is the first step, and figuring out what to do with it is the next. Encapsulation is the best option you have to rid your home’s crawl space of the consequences that follow from unwanted moisture. When encapsulating, we first will take care of any insulation or debris that is occupying the crawl space. We will then install a proper drainage system with a sump pump to remove any present ground water. From there, all vent openings will be sealed, the walls, columns, and floors will be covered with our 20mil vapor barrier, a dehumidifier will be installed, and a new airtight crawl space door will be added, if needed. This will create the perfect environment for your crawl space to function and thrive like it was meant to! Call Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing Systems today to set up a free consultation on what you need to do encapsulate your leaky, moist crawl space!