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If you’ve been wondering what to do about moisture in the crawl space of your home, the company that’s been Waterproofing Atlanta homes at the highest level offers free resources to help you know what to do when problems arise.

What to Do with Moisture in Crawl Space?

Believe it or not, some homeowners are unaware that they even have a Crawl Space! After all, the under dwellings of a house aren’t usually the most scenic selling points when a realtor is trying to sell you a home. Crawl Spaces are designed for homes that are not built with a basement, or with some kind of solid foundation, like a concrete slab. The original purpose of this small, elevated space was to provide an access point underneath the home for pipes and wiring, in case your home need plumbing repairs, HVAC repairs, electrical repairs, or gas pipe service, to name a few. In short, Crawl Spaces are intended for function, not fashion. So it’s understandable for homeowners to not pay much attention to the space under their homes, especially if they have professionals handling all their repair and installation needs.

But what Crawl Spaces are intended to be vs. what they actually become are quite often two very different things. What was intended to be dry and functional can often turn into a wet, dark, dank, rotting pit of insects, mold, mud and disease. Study after study will prove that at the root of all problems that can arise inside your crawl space is one primary culprit: Water. The same water that normally brings so much life can also bring deterioration and disease. You’re already aware that if your crawl space is neglected, and stagnant water or moisture hangs around underneath your home, you can have untold health and safety issues inside the house. From the air that you breathe, to the potential of disease-ridden varmints, to the eventual erosion of your home’s foundation, a neglected Crawl Space can be a problem.

In regards to what to do with moisture or stagnant water inside your home’s crawl space, we’ll take a very practical, simplified approach to the issue.

1. Remove the Water

Whether you choose to go about this on your own, or professionally, you need to eradicate the moisture in your Crawl Space as quickly as possible in order to prevent the unwanted cycle of dampness, disease, and damage. You could utilize industrial vacuums, fans, or even a sump pump. You’ll want to not just dry out the standing water, but the moisture on the surface of your foundational pieces, and even the water that has set up shop inside your foundation. The dryer, the better. While some Waterproofing professionals can handle this for you, it might be best to call a Water Cleanup & Restoration Company, especially if they have the tools to begin Mold Remediation.

2. Figure Out Where the Water Came From

Do you have busted gutters or downspouts? Is your yard drainage situation a nightmare? Are there cracks in your foundation? Do you have backflow problems with your sewage system? There are dozens of reasons why your Crawl Space continues to collect moisture and stagnant water. A professional Crawl Space Waterproofing company will have trained technicians who can help diagnose your situation, and advise you on a plan of action.

3. Keep it from Happening Again

For most homeowners, this is the point where a professional is needed. Since the very beginning, Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing has been waterproofing Atlanta homes and business at the highest level possible. If excess moisture is a repeat offender in your Crawl Space, the professionals from Patriot Waterproofing can help you stop water from setting up shop under your home. Keep yourself, your family, and your home healthy and thriving for years to come! Call Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing for a FREE Assessment of your Crawl Space Waterproofing needs!