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The floors in your house were made to withstand and support all in the living space, but what happens when those floors start to not be able to support themselves? You need to call your Top-Rated and Local Foundation Repair Company, Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing Systems, for a free consultation!

What Are The Signs That Your Floors Are No Longer Leveled?

It may seem like something you just see in cartoons, but it is possible in real life too to walk inside your home and feel like everything and the ground beneath you shakes! Knowing your floors are not leveled can be as simple as looking at them and seeing it. Other signs can be: cracking in drywall above doors, unstable floors, separation of walls from floors, and unlevel countertops and furniture.

This is could be caused by floors that were improperly supported when the home was built. In many cases, the builders installed too few floor supports, and in other cases they were simply not placed in the right location. Moisture and humidity can also take a toll on the floor supports when wood rot and mold begin to form and eat away at them.

What Will The Patriot Professionals Do to Correct This?

Patriot offers you our Power Post Crawl Space Floor System which will be your home’s permanent solution. With this process, we install high strength concrete footers deep into the soil to reach stable ground. Power Post will then be installed on top of footers in conjunction with a Steel I Beams atop the Power Post to properly support the floor and lift as close to as level as possible.

Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing Systems Is Here to Help You and Your Home!

Creaky floors and an unstable feeling beneath your feet is no way you should be living in your home. You, your home, and your investment are worth it! The first step is getting someone out there to figure out your issue and coming up with the best solution. Patriot is Northwest Georgia and Metro-Atlanta’s best choice for Foundation Repair Contractors who get your job done right, no matter what it takes. Call today to get on the schedule with Patriot Foundation expert today!