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Atlanta Foundation Repair 

If your home’s foundation has begun to show signs of a growing problem, it is not going to stop at a few simple cracks. Your foundation is the glue that holds your home together, and when comprised, you do not want to ignore it. Call Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing systems today!

What Are the Signs That You Need Foundation Repairs?

The two main causes that require attention to your home’s foundation are Basement Wall Failure and Foundation Settling. First, Basement Wall Failure will begin to show signs of a bowing, cracking, and leaning wall.. The signs of Basement Wall Failure may be obvious and you will be able to see horizontal/stair-stepping cracks due to the wall moving over time. However, other times there may be no signs at all or something as little as hairline cracks before the wall makes it’s “big move.” Basement Wall Failure is caused by excessive subsurface ground water building up hydrostatic pressure pressure on the exterior wall.

Signs of a Settling Foundation can be seen as: cracking in drywall (particularly in doorways or above windows that are sticking), cracking in brick/foundation, and exterior cracks of the home. Foundation settling can be caused by soil that was improperly compacted upon completion of building, erosion from surface water or subsurface water deeper down, or the footer, which supports the foundation wall, may not have been adequate enough. When your home is being built, the builders are supposed to dig down to competent soil and begin the process of setting the foundation. They will then pour concrete, reinforced with rebar, and will erect forms and build the footer. The footer is THE FOUNDATION to your foundation. The foundation wall will then be poured on top of it and they may or may not waterproof the exterior of the foundation. The start of your foundation issues begin if the construction of your home was done correctly, or if factors beneath the surface have taken a toll on the footer.

How Do The Experts at Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing Systems Fix These Issues?

The professionals at Patriot are well acquainted on fixing home’s foundations in the Northwest Georgia and Metro-Atlanta area. Basement Wall Failure can be corrected with several different methods of Basement Wall Repair. The three most common fixes are: Carbon fiber reinforcement straps, force brace foundation beams, and wall anchors. None of these solutions are superior to another, it only depends on the structure of the home and the surrounding landscape that determines which one is best for you and your home.

A Settling Foundation is fixed when your Patriot experts come out to install heavy duty foundation piers, which are driven all the way down to bedrock and are attached to the bottom of the footer. It will then be as close to level as possible, and your home will no longer be a sinking ship! All foundation repairs come with a Transferrable Life of Structure Warranty. Call Patriot Waterproofing Today!