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As your top, local Atlanta Basement Waterproofing Company, we want you to be completely informed on why you should care about water damage in your home!

What Causes Water Damage in Basements?

There are many different ways to approach the concern of water damage in your basement. Additionally, homeowners may encounter some vastly differing manifestations of the intrusion itself. Scientific evidence has confirmed the fact that in every basement throughout Metro Atlanta, Northwest Georgia, and the entire Southeast, that basement water damage is always caused by: WATER.

Got all that? You write it down? Yes. We know. Mind blowing.

However, the way water gets into and through your basement is the biggest source of variance. It is the most important factor to fully understand when you are looking to fully waterproof your basement. Water will always flow towards the lowest entry point, and when left vulnerable, it will begin to infiltrate and ruin your homes foundation. Whether it enters through cracks in your wall, a gap in your foundation, faulty pipelines, or any place where your basement isn’t fully sealed or waterproofed, water will find its way into your basement. If you give water an inch, it will take a mile in respect to basement water damage.

Why is Water Actually Getting into My Home?

There are really only two reasons on why water is seeping into your basement. The first being failed exterior waterproofing during original construction or any time after. Exterior waterproofing materials will fail due to the large sums of soil being backfilled against the house. When water passes through soil, it quickly forms into mud and will clog even the best exterior waterproofing drains.

Even though these systems will fail, the most common yet overlooked culprit is subsurface water channeling beneath the floor of your foundation and building a pressure beneath the foundation. This will cause water to leak out onto the floor of your basement where the joint of the wall and slab meet. Here is where your only problems begin, and soon you will have a basement filled with water, humidity, and mold. Instead of waiting for your problem to get worse, contact the experts at Patriot Waterproofing to fix your leaky basement!

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Poor water drainage from the outside, bowing walls, cracked floors, cracked concrete block walls, or any other issue caused by water damage in your basement is nothing you can ignore. Basement repair needs won’t go away on their own, and your basement won’t waterproof itself. Protect your investment, family, and all your valuable possessions. The Basement Waterproofing experts from Patriot Waterproofing have seen it all, time and time again! That’s why we can offer you Atlanta’s highest level of complete, thorough, long-lasting Basement Waterproofing services. We go the extra mile for your Basement Waterproofing needs in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, and the entire Southeast in the hopes of keeping your basement from ever encountering water damage, ever again! For your Atlanta Basement Waterproofing needs, and so much more, call Patriot Crawl Space and Waterproofing!