Top 5 to Not DIY!

Doing it yourself can often save you time and money, but when it comes to certain projects it can be better to do it yourself! Here are some of the times, when DIY can go wrong: 1. Structural Changes or Home Additions – Knocking down walls or added to a home can create not so great surprises. Plumbing pipes, gas lines or electrical wiring could be found within the walls or ground. 2. Roof Repair – Obviously working on top of a roof can be very risky!But, if you do not know how to properly install it could cause determine to your home’s structure and cause leaks. 3. Electrical Work -It is one thing to flip a fuse back on, it is another to try and replace faulty wiring. Improper handling of wires can be deadly. 4. Plumbing Repairs – Imagine a water pipe constantly flowing without being able to turn it off.It is always better to call a plumber! 5. Waterproofing – Dealing with water coming in to the home, is similar to a water leak. The paint products in the marketplace are more of a Band - Aid than a true repair.A leaky basement can cause major problems, which need to be addressed by a professional.

Anthony Roper


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I have worked in this industry for 22 years. During that time, I have found that my passion is being able to provide home owners with time tested advice that enables them to make sound decisions about their repair projects.

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